Quotes by R. M. Drake

There are some times (weeks or maybe months) in my life, when I need to deal with things that I haven’t experienced before. It can be very difficult to process things in my head, whether it is about relationships or other kinds of problems. Sometimes I need some extra help to understand what’s going on. I am talking about movies, books, paintings or poems… Seeing other people deal with similar problems or reading about them can help us feel better, see things from a different perspective, or simply move on.

Moving to a completely different country alone, I have to say goodbye to everyone. Friends, family, the people I see every day, the places I go to… Though I am very excited and can’t wait to go to university, I have to admit that it also makes me sad.

Recently I found an author’s page on instagram, and I became completely obsessed with his work. Some of his writing describes exactly how I feel. Reading these lines makes me feel better every day, and it definitely helps me deal with the things that are going on in my life right now.

Here are some of my favourite quotes by R. M. Drake. I hope you will like them, and they help you if you’re going through a similar situation as I do. All of these pictures are from instagram, you can find his account HERE.