Dear Diary #1 – Going back to university

Dear Diary is going to be the most personal series on my blog. Writing a diary has always been very important to me, so I wanted to share a version of it with you. I really want my blog to be 100% real so I feel like it’s important that I share the things that I care about and show you what my life really is. So this series is going to be really casual, I’m going to pretend that I’m just writing my diary, and I hope that you will all like it.

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Dear Diary,

I was planning my first post in this series to be a really nice and cheesy one about my adventures in the summer, how much fun I had and how amazing it is to go back to uni. But the truth is I don’t really feel that way anymore.

Yes, I did have an amazing summer – I went to visit one of my best friends in Croatia, who lives literally 2 minutes away from the beach, then I was lucky enough to introduce her to my home country. In September I had the opportunity to go to France for two weeks, and then I spent two more weeks at home in Hungary with my family and my friends. I consider myself really lucky and am grateful for everything that happened even though the summer was not only about sunshine and having fun. Whenever you are supposed to have the best time of your life something can always go wrong, anxiety can come into the picture or the people you love can disappoint you. This is just how life works and we all need to accept that.

I choose to remember only the positive parts of my journey and so I let go of the parts of the summer that I didn’t really enjoy. I made mistakes and I learned from them, I grew as a person, and now it’s time to move on. I am back in my home away from home – in England, and I wanted to tell you how I feel about it.

instagram: @patriciavisz

During the travel and moving process I was feeling quite nervous for two reasons. Firstly, as an international student it is so difficult and stressful for me to move to university – who knows when my suitcases or boxes will disappear, or when my plane will be late and I miss my bus or I lose my wallet or my passport or ANYTHING. The second reason is that this time I didn’t actually want to leave Hungary. I had such a nice time at home, just chilling and watching TV shows with my little family. People have told me that it gets more and more difficult to leave home every year, but I never understood why. Now I realised that as time goes by, your visits at home will always get shorter because of work, and you will never spend as much time with your family as you used to, and you will never live at home again.

Last year it was completely different. It was sooo exciting not knowing the place where I would live for the next couple of years, and I didn’t fully process the thought that I would be completely alone in a foreign country. There was no point thinking about it – I knew that I just had to do it. When I arrived in England it was magical to explore a new town and get to know new people completely on my own. Don’t get me wrong, I was stressed out a lot, but it all happened so quickly that I didn’t have time to worry. Well, this year the magic has disappeared and all that was left for me was stress.

Fortunately everything went well on my way to England, I moved into my new room and it all seemed perfect. But it takes time for stress to go away, especially if you are at the beginning of an even more stressful period of time – like the second year of university, in my case.

instagram: @patriciavisz

I want to concentrate on the positive side of things and appreciate what I have. So even if it has been a very stressful couple of days for me, I am still very happy to be back in England. I will never forget that coming here was a dream of mine that I managed to accomplish. To this day, whenever I start thinking about how lucky I am to be here I get butterflies in my stomach and start smiling by myself like an idiot. I am also very motivated to study what I am interested in, and basically just to make the most out of my time here. My ambition is what allowed me to come here and I know that it will also help me succeed in everything that I want to achieve in my life.

So I am looking forward to starting university and work next week; I am feeling so motivated and grateful to be in this position. Let’s work hard, let’s be positive, let’s do this!

So this was my first Dear Diary post, pure honesty and the real me. Not everything is perfect, but you always have to find some positivity and concentrate on that. I hope you have enjoyed a bit of insight into my life, and I hope you will like my Dear Diary posts in the future as well.




Adventures in Hungary

As I mentioned in my blog post about my holiday in Croatia, after I visited my friend it was her turn to come and see my home country. I told her it was no big deal, but she seemed to really like it! As it was a special occasion we did some things that we don’t usually do, so I decided to share our adventures with you, and show you some parts of Budapest in case any of you are planning to visit. Feel free to ask me any questions about visiting Hungary in the comments below! And now, here’s the story of our adventure.

The day after we arrived in Hungary was the one we’ve been waiting for, for at least 6 months: seeing our favourite band, Muse live at the Sziget festival. To be fair I have to say that I do not like going to festivals. It’s just not my thing really, but for Muse it was worth it to make an exception. They were absolutely incredible, their music is amazing and it was a great experience to see them play.

After that day when we kind of managed to process that it happened, we went to Budapest to show my friend around. We started at the Parliament and then walked all the way to St. Stephen’s Basilica. The weather was horrible at the beginning, but it started to be really nice during the walk.

For lunch we went to my new favourite restaurant in Budapest: Vintage Garden. It’s such a cute and special place! The last time I went there was during the winter and I remember how cool the decoration was. Now the roof was taken down and the decoration was Hawaii-themed, which I really liked. The menu is amazing, it has so many special dishes but you can also get burgers for example. The staff is also incredibly nice, they really created a happy and friendly atmosphere. For dessert we all had cheesecake with blueberries and oreos, it was sooo good! I would definitely recommend this restaurant to everyone coming to Budapest.

After lunch we went up to the Fisherman’s Bastion, which was a bit crowded but it definitely has one of the best views of the city. If you like walking around and appreciating architecture, definitely check this place out!

The next time we went to Budapest, it was a really bad rainy day. But we didn’t mind as the tourists seemed to disappear. It was also a good idea to visit the zoo on that day, as we could properly see the animals without people blocking the view or children screaming. My favourite part in the zoo was Australia. We saw little koalas hiding on trees and we spent some time observing kangaroos. They were the cutest, jumping around in the rain! One of them was also carrying a baby, it was adorable! We had a little scary situation when we walked into a cave full of huge Australian bats, not suspecting that they were actually released in the room! We realised when we got the other end of the room, and then we thought we were going to die on our way out. The African part of the zoo was also very interesting, we sat for a while looking at the giraffes. One of them was so bored that it started going around in circles and under the necks of the others as they were eating. When it got bored again it started walking backwards. We laughed so much!

I didn’t vlog anymore, but we also visited some towns by the lake Balaton. It was so beautiful! To me it never seems like it’s a part of Hungary. In Balatonfüred we sat by the water drinking a nice glass of wine and then we walked around Tihany looking at the amazing view of the lake.

We also went to Esztergom a couple times, which is hometown and where I used to go to school. It was so nice to show my friend the place where I grew up!

I hope you all had a lovely summer! Let me know in the comments where you went on holiday!