Pieces of Inspiration #3


The third part of the Pieces of Inspiration series is finally here! Obviously these are very personal posts, as I write all the quotes about my own thoughts, emotions and experiences. But this blog is exactly for sharing these things, for sharing a bit of my life, and I hope that this will help some of you. Enjoy!

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“If you ever feel hopeless, know that one day is enough to change everything. Change can happen when you least expect it. Believe me. Believe that one day, it will happen.”

“Surround yourself with people who love you, support you and believe in you. It might take a while to find them, but it will be worth the wait. You might have to be alone for a bit, but when it’s the right time the people who belong in your life will come. And stay.”

Instagram: @patriciavisz

 “The best things always happen when you finally decide to take a step out of your comfort zone. I know it is terrifying. But it is definitely worth it. Be brave, be confident, be you!”

“A true best friend will never hurt you, judge you, or make you cry. A true best friend will accept you for who you are, love you with your imperfections and help you through the hardest times. They are not meant to make your life any more difficult. They are meant to make it better, and this is why you must choose your friends carefully. If you give more than what you get, eventually you will end up being empty.”

Instagram: @patriciavisz

“And after a couple of years, you will realise that some people will never change. They will always stay the way that they are. And every time you start to have hope, they will crash it over and over again. Some people will only disappoint you. And it’s not worth it.”

“Don’t wait for support from other people. The only person whose support you need to achieve your dreams is YOU.”

“Be nice to those who are nice to you. Spread love with every word you say, appreciate every smile you get in response. There is more than enough negativity in the world, and you have to do everything you can to make a change, however small it is.”



Pieces of Inspiration #2

The time has come for the second post in my Pieces of Inspiration series. I have to say though, that most of these thoughts weren’t inspired by happiness. Some of them were written in my worst moments, when I was upset and hurt. And some of them are reflecting how my motivation and confidence managed to come through to the surface. It is definitely very personal, but probably some of you will relate. So I hope you enjoy this post!

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“Sometimes you need to break in order to build yourself up again. And sometimes you need to be left alone to find the people who belong in your life.”

“Care about yourself enough to walk away from anything that doesn’t build you, nurture you, or make you happy. You have the right to do what’s best for you. Don’t stay if you’re hurting. You don’t owe an explanation. You only owe yourself to do everything you can to be happy.”

“Leaving is a form of art. And I’ve left enough times to master it. How to say goodbye without hurting, how to get on a plane without feeling guilt and how to walk away without looking back. Because when you’re in the air, above the clouds, there is no way back. You need to leave in the appropriate way to be able to let go. Because if you don’t… you will never be free.”

instagram: @patriciavisz

“A best friend is not necessarily someone you spend all your time with. It can be someone you rarely see. Because they are always with you in your heart. You can feel their love from a thousand miles away. The thought that there is someone who accepts you and loves you no matter what, is more than enough.”

“Sometimes you will be hurt by the people whose love you need the most.”

“Forgive yourself for making mistakes. They only prove that you are human. And they make you learn, they make you grow as a person.”

“Not everyone will believe that the path you have chosen to follow is the right one. Some people will try to get in your way and stop you. They will never really believe in you. So you have to believe in yourself.”


Pieces of Inspiration #1

Sometimes I get inspired and start writing down my thoughts without any purpose or structure whatsoever. These thoughts usually end up becoming short quotes that I like to read back every now and then. They are about anything that comes to my mind: life, relationships, travel, happiness, anything. I decided to start a series on my blog where I share my own little quotes, my pieces of inspiration, in the hope of giving you the thing you needed to hear today or just something to think about.

If you like my quotes, please share my blog post on one of your social media sites. If you get inspired, don’t hesitate to send me your own little quotes in the comments or on twitter, I would love to read them!

So here is my first post in the “Pieces of Inspiration” series, I hope you’ll enjoy it!


“Dare to be different. You have to be true to yourself, and proud of who you are. Because your flaws make you flawless, and your imperfections make you perfect. Never forget that.”

“Some people are not easy to love. Some people will push you away, and you need to try a thousand times to make them let you inside their walls. But they are always the ones who need your love the most, and the ones who deserve it. They are always worth the try.”

“Always say yes to adventures, go out even if there’s a storm, explore, and enjoy being surrounded by nature!”


“Everyone who enters your life comes for a reason. Even if it’s only one day that you spend together, they all teach you a lesson. Getting to know different people is like exploring the world. You see places you’ve never seen before, you understand a new language, you experience. Because after a while you will realize that their happiness is your happiness. You reflect their smile, and you feel their pain. They all give you a piece of themselves, a piece of their lives, along with their sufferings and passions. This is what they teach you, and this is what helps you grow.”

„If he wants to go, let him. If he wants to leave you, to forget you… just let him. If your dreams seem to lead you to different paths, maybe there is a reason. Maybe it’s a wrong time, or a wrong place. If you are meant to be together, your paths will cross again. You will find your way back to each other. You just have to believe that true love always finds a way. Because if it doesn’t, it was never true.”


“Don’t be afraid to say goodbye. If something doesn’t feel right, just move on. Be grateful for the things that you’ve learned, and if there’s nothing left for you then go, even if it hurts. Because when you leave something behind, there is more space for the new. You will move on, without even realizing it. And the pain will slip away.”

“It is up to you what you do with your life. Do not let anyone tell you what to do. If something makes you unhappy, change it. If something makes you happy, continue doing it. Do what you love, and love what you do. It’s really that simple. “