Pieces of Inspiration #1

Sometimes I get inspired and start writing down my thoughts without any purpose or structure whatsoever. These thoughts usually end up becoming short quotes that I like to read back every now and then. They are about anything that comes to my mind: life, relationships, travel, happiness, anything. I decided to start a series on my blog where I share my own little quotes, my pieces of inspiration, in the hope of giving you the thing you needed to hear today or just something to think about.

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So here is my first post in the “Pieces of Inspiration” series, I hope you’ll enjoy it!


“Dare to be different. You have to be true to yourself, and proud of who you are. Because your flaws make you flawless, and your imperfections make you perfect. Never forget that.”

“Some people are not easy to love. Some people will push you away, and you need to try a thousand times to make them let you inside their walls. But they are always the ones who need your love the most, and the ones who deserve it. They are always worth the try.”

“Always say yes to adventures, go out even if there’s a storm, explore, and enjoy being surrounded by nature!”


“Everyone who enters your life comes for a reason. Even if it’s only one day that you spend together, they all teach you a lesson. Getting to know different people is like exploring the world. You see places you’ve never seen before, you understand a new language, you experience. Because after a while you will realize that their happiness is your happiness. You reflect their smile, and you feel their pain. They all give you a piece of themselves, a piece of their lives, along with their sufferings and passions. This is what they teach you, and this is what helps you grow.”

„If he wants to go, let him. If he wants to leave you, to forget you… just let him. If your dreams seem to lead you to different paths, maybe there is a reason. Maybe it’s a wrong time, or a wrong place. If you are meant to be together, your paths will cross again. You will find your way back to each other. You just have to believe that true love always finds a way. Because if it doesn’t, it was never true.”


“Don’t be afraid to say goodbye. If something doesn’t feel right, just move on. Be grateful for the things that you’ve learned, and if there’s nothing left for you then go, even if it hurts. Because when you leave something behind, there is more space for the new. You will move on, without even realizing it. And the pain will slip away.”

“It is up to you what you do with your life. Do not let anyone tell you what to do. If something makes you unhappy, change it. If something makes you happy, continue doing it. Do what you love, and love what you do. It’s really that simple. “



Holiday in Croatia

So this year, it was the first time that I had a proper holiday by the sea. For some reason, my family only likes to go and explore big cities, which I really love doing, but I also wanted to try going to a seaside town for a holiday. And now that I have a best friend who literally lives a 2 minute walk away from the sea, my opportunity has come.

As there are no flights between Hungary and Croatia, and I am not experienced enough to drive by myself for 10 hours, I had two options: train or bus. To Croatia I chose to go with an overnight train, which I have never done before, so I thought I would try it. But because I only bought my ticket one week before the journey, there were only second class tickets left for cabins with 6 people. Well, it’s definitely going to be an adventure, I thought. In reality, it was just horrible. Can you imagine sitting in one place for 15 hours without any electricity to charge your phone or any wifi to use your laptop? I am one of those people who get bored very easily, and I am also a bit claustrophobic, so let’s just say the journey seemed even longer than endless. But after 15 hours of boredom I finally arrived in Split, where my best friend, Ema waited for me.


We spent the first day having some rest and sleeping on the sofa in Ema’s family’s apartment, and we went to the cinema in the evening, so it was nothing special. On the second day we went out to explore Split, and it was beautiful. First we explored Diocletian’s palace, which is basically an ancient town and now people still live inside and there are a lot of shops, museums and galleries. There is also a cathedral with a bell tower, it is beautiful. Then we went for a walk in the forest park Marjan to a viewing point, it was really nice. After that we wandered around the little beach shops on the hunt for some rose gold sunglasses, and we both ended up buying the same pair in different shades. #Bestfriendgoals.


We also went down to the beach in Split, which is a sandy beach. It was really crowded and the water was not very blue or clear because of the sand. But it was still good to swim, because it was my first time going into the sea for such a long time! After that we went back to the promenade by the sea where we sat down for an iced coffee with vanilla ice cream and just chilled for a couple of hours. There were so many amazing artists on the street, from gymnasts to singers and bands, they somehow created a very good mood in the city and made it feel cosy.



In the evening we travelled to Baska Voda, which is the small town where Ema lives. The next day we went down to the beach, which was amazing! This beach was filled with little rocks instead of sand so the water seemed much clearer. The view was also incredible: on one side you can see the huge mountains and on the other side the clear sea and the Croatian islands in the distance. I bought the best snorkelling glasses that I could possibly get, because ever since I was a child I’ve loved swimming underwater and exploring the sea (or mostly the pool, because I didn’t go to the sea). So this was basically my childhood dream coming true. I could see so many sea urchins and cute small fishes, it was amazing! …until Ema told me that some fishes do actually bite you, so I got scared and ran out of the water, haha!




And then many other beach days followed, until the day I got ill. Yes, exactly at the worst time ever, my body decided to fail me and force me to slow down for a couple of days. We still went up to the mountains, where I could see almost the same view as in the Game of Thrones scene with Daenerys and the dragons, and we looked at some olive trees and lavender bushes. The weather was also very stormy and cold, so we stayed inside for a long time. In the evening we decided to go for a little walk, and it turned out to be amazing! There were less people outside and it was very calming and nice to be by the sea. We found a really cool spot on the rocks, where we could see some little caves and it was surrounded by pine trees. The sun also decided to come out so it was so nice to be outside! I loved it.




As soon as I got better the next week, we returned to the beach, and also decided to do something a little bit more adventurous. So every day until then, I was watching people flying above the sea with parachutes which were attached to motorboats, and I just couldn’t get it out of my head. I wanted to do it so much! So when the weather was nice again, we did it. It was possible for me and Ema to go together with one parachute, so it was definitely the best of all our #bestfriendgoals moments. The view was incredible, even though it was a bit terrifying to be up there in the air above the sea. I loved it and it was over too soon! I definitely want to go again.

Teljes képernyő rögzítése 2016.08.14. 170940.jpg

I spent 12 days in Croatia, and I really enjoyed it. It is a beautiful country, and I loved swimming in the sea and exploring the forest next to Baska Voda. And then it was Ema’s turn to come to Hungary and see my hometown. To come back, we had to take two buses (she didn’t want to go with an overnight train, and to be fair I didn’t want to do it again either). So we took a bus to Zagreb, which was 7 hours and another one to Budapest, which was 5 hours. 12 hours of complete boredom and discomfort. Let’s not discuss that any further, the point is that we survived, and now it’s time to continue our adventures!


The day after we came back to Hungary we went to a festival to see our favourite band live. I was doing a vlog on that day, so I might upload it later and of course write a blog post about it as well. So stay tuned to see our adventures in Hungary!

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Hope you’re all having a good summer! Enjoy every moment of sunshine, go out to explore and have fun!