3 Fun Ways to Learn a Language

In my new video I’m sharing my top 3 tips to make language learning a bit more exciting and colourful, and to help you memorise vocabulary and grammar easier. Hope this helps and let me know in the comments if you have any questions or further advice! Hope you enjoy this video!



Morning Routine – At University

In this video I’m showing you what my morning routine looks like when I’m at university. I think it’s really important to have a nice morning routine that you enjoy doing, because it can put you in a good mood for the entire day, so I thought I would show you mine today. Let me know what yours looks like in the comments!

I always put on the radio while I’m getting ready, because some good songs and jokes always wake me up and make me happy. I always find myself laughing during the radio 1 breakfast show 🙂 My favourite part of getting ready is probably doing my makeup, because I love how confident it makes me feel. You can’t even imagine how much I care about matching my makeup and hair with my outfit, I am so busy thinking about this every morning that I basically forget to worry about university.

So after I do my morning routine I am ready to face the challenges of the day, or most of the time just ready to sit in the library then go to work… and live the fabulous life of a student you know.



University Room Tour 2016

First video from my new room! Since I moved back to the UK at the end of September I have been constantly buying decorations and trying to organise everything in the best way possible. I was very excited to make this video so I hope you will like it. Let me know what you think!

Some information about my accommodation: I live halls at the University of Southampton, and I have a non-ensuite room. I have 5 flatmates and we share 2 bathrooms and a kitchen. I think my room is amazing because it’s modern and the colour of the furniture definitely goes with my aesthetic so it was really easy to make it feel my own. Regarding that I am an international student I obviously possess way too many unnecessary things, like decorations etc, but I have already given up on trying to restrain myself from shopping so it doesn’t really matter anymore haha. It was also a challenge that I’m not allowed to make any drastic changes such as changing the curtains or getting new furniture. So I had to use little bits of decoration like colourful pencil holders and fairy lights, and I think I did a really good job. I absolutely love this room and I’m a bit sad that I only have it for 10 months haha.

Here are some little pictures of my room:



The University Tag

I feel like I haven’t really talked about university in my videos before, so now this was my opportunity! I really enjoyed making this video, so let me know what you think! Also if you want then answer some of the questions in the comments below and don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any questions!



How I learned to speak English + 10 Language Learning Tips!

Some of you have been asking me how I learned to speak English, so I decided to make this video to answer in more detail because I thought that it would be useful for those of you who are also learning a new language. So I also tried to sum up my top 10 language learning tips for you. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any more questions, I would love to have a chat!



My Language Learning Experience in France


If you have seen my vlogs on YouTube, you probably know that recently I went to France for two weeks to do a language course. I also stayed with a French host family, which was definitely a great experience. So in this blog post I am going to talk about the whole language learning process that I went through in these two weeks. I thought it might be useful for some of you who want to learn a language and go to the country where it’s spoken. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments, I would be happy to help you and give you some more details.

So the reason this whole trip was possible, is my university. I study 3 languages and one of them is French, which I started from beginner’s level last year. I took an accelerated course, which means that I jumped two language stages in a year. The pace of this course was really fast, and I enjoyed it a lot because it was challenging. I always like to learn languages as quickly as possible, but it also means that I didn’t have the chance to fully process my knowledge. I know it is completely normal to not be able to speak much after learning a language for only a year, but I always felt behind everyone else in my class. So when we were told about the opportunity of coming to France for two weeks I got very excited, because I knew that it would help me get more comfortable with the language.


Honestly, I didn’t practice at all during the summer before going to France. I kind of forgot many things that I’ve learned at university, mostly the grammar. I was terrified before going even though I knew that I will learn a lot in France. The first couple of days were actually okay. I didn’t really speak much, just a couple of words with the host family. They told me I would speak fluently after two weeks, and I believed them. We started going to a language school every day from 10am to 1pm, and it was difficult, but I thought I can deal with it. Basically I just thought that I would magically learn to speak French in a couple days, but it didn’t happen that way.

The B1 level language course turned out to be way too difficult for me, as I ended up just looking around in silence when I was supposed to be working. I didn’t understand anything from the tasks I was given, and I just wanted to revise all the grammar that I forgot. So we talked to the teacher and we were put in a different group at A2 level. And it was so much better! We learned a lot of vocabulary that I could actually use outside of the class, and revised some parts of grammar that I have never been really sure about. The teacher was an elegant French woman, very fashionable and confident; her lessons were really cool and enjoyable. When I went home in the afternoon, I did the homework while listening to music and I just really enjoyed the course.


The communication with my host family, on the other hand, did not go very well. Because they told me that I would speak after a while, it kind of became a pressure on me. I thought that if I was supposed to be talking, why can’t I still talk? My anxiety came into the picture and then it was just done. I refused to speak, except for the occasional Bonjour and Merci. They probably thought that I was rude, but really I felt like there was a wall in front of me that prevented me from speaking in French. And I didn’t manage to make it disappear.

Let’s just concentrate on the positive side of things, though! I was able to order food in restaurants in French (at least when I could be bothered to make an effort). I definitely got more comfortable with the language. After a while it became normal to hear French words on the streets and saying Bonjour to everyone. I really enjoyed being in France, and it gave me motivation to study. After this, I will definitely make extra efforts during my second year at university.


If you want to learn a language quickly, I would definitely recommend visiting the country where it’s spoken. I definitely learned a lot, and it’s very important to be surrounded by the language for a while. And the fact that I didn’t really speak much doesn’t bother me at all, because I know that I just need a bit more time and practise. I will definitely get there one day! French is not one of the easiest languages.

What about you? What are your experiences with language learning? How did you come over your difficulties? Let me know in the comments, I would love to have a chat about it!



5 reasons to get excited for back to school!

It’s that time of the year again. The one when everywhere you go and everywhere you look online, you see the most annoying three words: BACK TO SCHOOL.

I know. It’s the most terrifying thing for all students, whether you go to high school or university. Doing all that homework, dealing with all that responsibility, being overwhelmed with all the deadlines and exams… it’s coming closer and closer. And on top of that, you are reminded of this every single day. Now, instead of getting annoyed in supermarkets because they are full of cheap stationery and getting fed up with all the back to school videos on YouTube, I decided to try to find my own positive side of this and only concentrate on that part. I always say that there is already too much negativity in the world, so whenever you have the possibility, do share your positive thoughts! So that’s exactly what I am going to do today.

I collected my top 5 favourite things about going back to school, and I want to make all of you as excited as I am for these things. Without further ado, let’s get started!


1. New stationery

I don’t know about you, but my favourite thing about going back to school is the new stationery. The first shops I head to when I get back to England will definitely be Paperchase and WH Smith. Cute little notebooks and colourful pens always make me excited to start studying, and let’s be honest: you are more likely to start studying if you have nice and new stationery that you absolutely love. Freshen up your desk area every year and make it look exactly how you want it. You can put motivational quotes on the wall or organise your pen collection into cute little mugs. Get creative! If you can’t really afford a huge Paperchase shopping spree then come up with your own DIY notebooks! There are lots of amazing ideas on YouTube and blogs where you can get inspired.

2. Being organized

Probably most of us tend to throw away our normal weekday schedules during the summer. Why would you go to bed early, if you don’t have to wake up before 10 in the morning? And before you realise, your new schedule includes staying up until 3am and having lunch instead of breakfast. Also, if you don’t go anywhere during the day, why would you only get dressed to go to the gym? For me, back to school means getting organized with my daily routine again. Having a timetable that you need to adjust to means that you need to fit all of your activities into a set amount of time, which makes you procrastinate less and concentrate more on your work. Even though my second year at university is going to be really challenging, I can’t wait to organise my daily schedules, write to-do lists and just get things done in general. I am going to work this year as well, which means I have to start all of my assignments on time, instead of spending 2-3 full days working on them before the deadline.


3. Socialising

To be fair, this is not my favourite one. But I tend to kind of hide during the summer, and not see anyone except my family for weeks. And even if I’m a shy and quiet person, I miss seeing my university friends, and just being surrounded by people in general. Going back to uni is also a great opportunity to start with a fresh page and make new friends. Because I study English as a foreign language, my class usually only consists of international students from all over the world, which is a very exciting opportunity to get to know different people. There are also many events at the university where you can get to know new people. Go to new societies, or join the gym! I have the feeling that we should all take advantage of the many amazing opportunities that universities have to offer.

4. New dorm room

I am probably the most excited for my new and empty dorm room, which is basically like a fresh canvas for me that I can fill in and make pretty. I love decorating my room, I think I am definitely more likely to enjoy university if I have my own little comfy space. This year I really want to make it feel warm and cosy with fairy lights, photos on the wall and nice colourful bed sheets. I also want to organise my makeup collection better. I basically gave this mission to myself to make my room the best one I’ve ever had! I am already planning every single detail and looking at stuff on Amazon for my room. If you love decorating your room like me, definitely do spend some time before arriving just planning everything and buying some things in advance. Also watch a lot of “dorm room tour” videos on YouTube, because they really make you inspired and give you some amazing ideas that you might not come up with by yourself. Having your own space that looks exactly how you like it will make you feel at home during term time.

(I am working on a “dorm room decoration ideas” video, so if you’re interested then subscribe to my channel on YouTube!)


5. Starting with a fresh page

Whether we’re talking about friendships, new rooms or university work, the start of a new year always means a fresh page. Think about your last year: what did you like about it and what did you not like about it? If there was anything you didn’t enjoy, then change it this year! If you feel like you don’t have enough friends, then go out more! If you were not satisfied with your grades at school, then make a resolution to work harder this year! Whatever it is that you didn’t love about your last year, I’m sure there is a way to change it. Remember to always do what makes you happy, live in the way you want to and don’t be afraid to change. I know it can be difficult sometimes, but always try to find the positive side of things. Do your best to make yourself happy this year! J

What about you? What makes you the most excited about going back to school? How are you going to decorate your dorm room? Please let me know in the comments, I would love to read your answers!

Thank you for reading my blog post, and I will talk to you next time!




Choosing the right course

The last year of high school is probably one of the most challenging times in everyone’s life. You need to make some tough decisions – decisions that can influence your whole future. And you may not feel like you’re ready to make such decisions, but you have to do it anyway. I thought I would share my experience on my blog, hoping that I may help some of you.

Last year, after months of not knowing, I finally figured out what I want to do and became really motivated. I think this has helped me to study as hard as I can, and I got offers from some of the best universities in England. Today I want to tell you how I made my decision on the biggest question, which is definitely this one: WHAT TO STUDY?

For some people it can be quite obvious. If you knew your whole life that you want to be a lawyer or doctor or anything particular, then you are very lucky. But there are so many high school students, who have absolutely no idea what they want to study! If you are one of them, here is some of the advice that I can give you, regarding the course-choice.


Firstly, I think one of the most important things is that you should not let anyone tell you what to choose. YOU will be the one who has to live with this choice, and YOU will be there at the university, expected to study harder that you ever thought you could. So only YOU have the right to make this decision. Of course, you can always ask for advice if you need it – I couldn’t have made my decision without the help of my mentors. However, my parents did not have a word about it, they gave me enough space to think everything through by myself. I didn’t ask for their opinion, because I didn’t want to feel like they tell me what to do. So yes, ask for help if you need it, but don’t let anyone tell you what to do. Trust your instincts – only you will truly know what is best for you.

Secondly, choose something that you’re talented in. If you are able to memorise every single date from your history book, then go for history. It might be obvious, but for me, it was not. In high school I studied maths in advanced level, and I was one of the best in my class. But I also seemed to be talented in languages – I was so much better in English and German than my classmates that I took the exams earlier and didn’t have to attend these classes anymore. So there was more than one subject that came into account at this stage, but at least I was sure that my final choice would be one of them.

My point here is that you should think about what you are talented in, and you can kind of just come up with some possible options. So you already made some steps towards the solution.


Thirdly, my final advice is to think about what you enjoy studying the most. I’ll tell you a little story about how I figured this out, and I hope you can learn from it.

So at the beginning of last summer, I already knew that the course that I would study was either Mathematics or Languages. I decided to explore my options, and went to a science camp. At the camp I was in the Mathematics team, and we attended seminars and kind-of-lectures by university students. I’m going to be honest with you: I hated every minute of it. There was a seminar, where we were given a long paper full of difficult exercises, and I couldn’t solve any of them. The girl who sat next to me, said that she would go home and spend all time necessary to find the solutions. When I went home, I threw out those papers and never thought about them again. And here it is: the big difference. And I knew it was worth going to the camp: at least I was sure that I don’t want to study Mathematics at all. Yes, I was very talented, and yes, I liked it too – but it didn’t seem to be enough. It was not what I wanted to do. I couldn’t imagine myself solving maths problems for three years; it seemed the most boring thing to me in the world.

Before the camp, I was given a small form by my mentors, which I had to fill in. It was questions regarding my motivation, like: motivation in key words, academic achievements, extracurricular, professional hobbies, etc. I was only thinking about maths at that time, and I could only write a few words as answers. After the camp, I found that form again, and this time, thinking about Languages, I filled it out perfectly. I wrote about my passion, my talent, my victories at school competitions, my hobbies… Everything just came together at once. And this was the moment when I knew: I want to study Languages.

So don’t be afraid to explore your options, go to camps, seminars, and you will soon find out what’s the right course for you. You may have some bad experience – at least you will be sure what’s not really for you. Find what keeps you motivated, and don’t give it up! Without motivation, you won’t be able to do what you enjoy. Do what you love, and love what you do!

I hope that my story and my experience help you if you have difficulties choosing the right course. I know that even if you make this decision, the difficulties are far not over yet. So if you would like to hear about the other parts of applying to uni, please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments below. I would be happy to help!

Thank you for reading and have a great day,


And P.S.: you know you’ve find your course when you look as excited as him, haha: