Visiting Paris & Last Days in Rouen!

I have uploaded a second vlog of my trip to France! It has definitely been an incredible experience to spend two weeks in Rouen, and I am so grateful to my university for providing this opportunity! So as you can see in the vlog, me and my friend have also visited Paris, which was amazing!

Unfortunately the weather was not very nice, but I was still excited to go. This was my first time going to Paris, so I was very happy. We didn’t have a specific plan, we just roughly agreed to go to the Arc de Triomphe first, and then walk down to the Eiffel tower, then through Champ Élysées to the Louvre and finally to the Notre Dame. I was exhausted already halfway through! But I think it’s important to walk around when you visit a city for the first time, because if you take the underground you can’t see all the streets and houses. If you want the full experience, it’s worth it to walk.

Paris was just like I imagined it: beautiful buildings, art, history, elegance, and a lot of tourists. I wish I could’ve spent more time there, but I will definitely go back one day to explore the city more. This day was an amazing first impression!

After that, we tried to make the most out of our last days in France, so we walked around every day and also climbed up on a hill where the view was incredible! In the vlog I also wanted to show you that this trip was not only for being tourists, but for studying as well. I wrote another blog post about the full language learning process that I went through in these two weeks, so if you’re interested in that part of my experience, CLICK HERE TO READ IT.

I hope you enjoyed my vlogs! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you would like to see more!



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