First Week in France!

The next stop of my summer adventures was France, even though this trip consists of just as much work as fun. I study French at university, and they have offered my group a trip to France for two weeks to do an intensive language course. I am so grateful to my university, because I would never have been able to afford this trip, but it is an amazing opportunity to immerse myself in the language and get to know the culture. Together with my friend I am staying with a French family in Rouen, and they are the nicest, funniest people! There was also a cute Japanese girl staying with them, and they took us all to the beach for a day in Étretat.



On Sunday we went out for the first time to explore the town. We got an ice cream and then just walked around for a couple of hours. I absolutely loved everything! There are so many huge churches/cathedrals, and they all have the most detailed decorations. All the houses are so pretty here, the streets are filled with history and beauty.


The next day the studying began. To be honest I didn’t talk to my host family as much as I wanted to, because I got more and more anxious every time they were speaking to me and I couldn’t understand them, and it got to the point where I just gave up on any kind of conversation. I am still working on fighting my anxiety, but I am gradually getting better every day I spend here. It helped a lot that we went to French lessons, because I needed to be reminded of many things I already knew. At university I took an accelerated course, which means that I jumped two language stages in just a year. I learned almost all of the French grammar in 10 months, and it definitely wasn’t enough time to practice everything properly, so I feel like I don’t have a strong enough base to build on. But with the French lessons I started working hard again, and I think I am already better in French than I have ever been. Probably the best way to learn a language is to go to a country where it’s spoken and talk to people without being scared of making mistakes.

So we have French lessons every day from 10am to 1pm, and after that we have the whole afternoon to explore this amazing town and have fun. We usually grab a big sandwich for lunch and then walk around. We went to the art museum where we saw impressionist paintings from the end of the 19th century by famous French artists, and to the history museum where we followed the story of Jeanne d’Arc in a really cool and modern way. Both museums were incredible.


One night we went out to see the light show on the cathedral. Basically, videos were projected onto the front of it, and it was so cool and creative. The first one was of the Vikings and the other one was more creative and colourful. If you come to Rouen you should definitely check this out, because it’s very special and I haven’t seen anything like this before.


We are also planning to go to Paris, but that’s gonna have to be in another vlog and blog post! Make sure you are subscribed to my YouTube channel if you are interested to see my adventures in Paris. And please give my video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it!

See you soon!



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