How to make yourself feel better?

When you are sad, or just feeling under the weather, there is no one else but you who can make you feel better. I feel like a lot of people are stressed every day, because they are always in a hurry and they do not have enough time for themselves. I am not different. Moving away from my home country for university, I have a lot of things that stress me out and make me anxious.  It has also been a very busy couple of weeks for me, because of the packing, traveling, and preparing for university.

Lately I’ve been trying to spend some time every day by myself, when I have some rest or do the things that I like. On those days when I’m just not feeling very well, I try to do the following things to make sure I am relaxed and have enough rest. In case you are in the same situation, or sometimes you just feel under the weather, or you are often too stressed, here are my top tips that you can do to make yourself feel better.

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  1. Log off, and switch off

My number one tip is to distance yourself a little bit from the internet, especially from social media. There are so many things on there that can make you feel even worse, like seeing pictures of that girl on Instagram who is prettier than you, or seeing annoying posts on facebook. So just log out, and put your laptop and phone aside for a little bit. Instead, you can read a nice book, or watch a great movie – believe me, it will definitely be better for you.

  1. Exercise

Don’t think of a very hard, sweating-to-tears gym session now. Too much training can also stress out your body, so try to have some light exercise instead. Go for a walk with your dog, go swimming, or do some yoga. Fresh air also helps to clear your head, and there’s nothing better than going on a nice walk on the beach, smelling the sea and feeling the wind.


  1. Motivational movies

If you feel like you need that extra motivation, or you want to get inspired to do something great, there is no better way than watching a film. These movies can make you forget why you’re so stressed, and focus on the things that really matter in life. They remind you: happiness, friends, family and great personal values are the most important things, no matter what you’re going through. Some of my favourite motivational movies are: Pursuit of Happyness, The Peaceful Warrior, Seven Pounds. (I’m going to write a post about these three movies soon, so keep checking my blog!)

I also really like watching Disney videos, because they remind me of my childhood. Watching fairy tales as an adult can be so different than as a kid – you can understand what you may didn’t ten years ago, you realise the message and the meaning of these films. (And you are not terrified from that huge and scary sand-tiger in Aladdin anymore, haha.) My favourites are: Pocahontas, Tarzan, The Little Mermaid.

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  1. Having a “pamper session”

Even if it’s not the best, it’s definitely my favourite thing to do that makes me feel good. Having a nice bath, using a body lotion that smells amazing, washing my hair and making it very soft, having a face mask, painting my nails… You can do this while listening to some of your favourite songs or having a cup of tea. I can guarantee that you will feel wonderful afterwards.

  1. Writing a diary

When something particular happens, that makes you anxious or stressed, the best way to feel better is to write it in your diary. After thinking things through and seeing them on the pages, you will have much less weight on your shoulders. I wrote a post about my tips for writing a diary, you can find it HERE. You will be surprised how relieved you will feel if you write down your feelings.

  1. Baking

If you like being in the kitchen, or cooking is your hobby, this tip will be definitely your favourite. You can cook or bake anything that you would like, and the satisfaction of eating the food that you made yourself will make you feel so much better! There’s no need for me to explain this any further. If you crave something very sweet I can recommend a nice cupcake (such as THESE OREO CUPCAKES by Tanya Burr, but you can find other amazing recipes on her youtube channel as well). But if you would like something healthier, you can come up with some alternatives (like using rolled oats or sweetening with honey instead of sugar). Just turn up the music and enjoy the baking!


I really hope these tips will help you when you are feeling under the weather, or when you’re having one of those days when just nothing seems to be perfect. If you have any more ideas on what to do when feeling down, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments below!



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